Gabriel Clark

This is an about page for Gabriel Clark. He does many things but one thing he is particularly passionate about is Comics. So much so he has a job as an Associate Lecturer at the School of Design at the University of Technology, Sydney where (among other things) he lectures in the 9th Art.

His passion for this art form extends to his involvement with the Graphic festival at the Sydney Opera House an annual festival of comics, music and animation, a festival which he helped develop with it’s co founder Jordan Verzar.

But it doesn’t stop there. He has organised exhibitions for comic artist Jim Woodring, MC’d events with Shaun Tan and Jim Woodring for the Sydney Writers Festival and has curated collaborative comic exhibitions.

His latest project is Radio with Pictures which is frankly the most fulfilling thing in his creative and professional life. It is a live event that celebrates the art of storytelling by combining radio producers, writers, musicians with comic artists and illustrators to produce an hour of sounds and pictures all performed live on stage. He conceived and co-produced it.

Oh and lets not forget his background as a freelance digital producer and photographer.

Soon this website will be propagated with photographic evidence and examples of work to substantiate the claims that he has made, until then you will have to make do with this photo that he took.